Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jai Shri Krishna

Lord Krishna was supposed to personify the words- dark and beautiful. One look at the Lord Krishna in the serial “Jai Shri Krishna” on Colors dispels all preconceived notions. The God here is played by an amazing cute and endearing child who is winning over friends and foes alike with a charisma unheard of in a two year old! Targeting viewers of all age groups the serial has been wowing one and all as witnessed by its steady climb in the TRP charts. A prime time slot (at 8.30) has only helped the ratings zoom northwards. The cast consists of relative new comers who are content with playing second fiddle to the child. A remarkable feature is the amazing use of child actors all who are below the age of five. One can only imagine the effort which has been put it to extract such incredible performances.
The chemistry between the kids is crackling, be it during the portrayal of the doomed love between Radha and Krishna or the misadventures of Krishna and Balrama. The serial clicks because of its exuberant energy and the tacit handling of story which keeps viewers hooked and because of the deft manner in which it chronicles the childhood of one of India’s best loved Gods. It is also a medium through which children who are otherwise hooked to play stations and palmtops can learn about the age old mythological stories which define the paradigm of our cultural ethos. One commendable feature is that the serial doles out the all important message about the victory of good over evil without being too preachy or tedious. However a criticism which has dogged the show is that regarding the glamorization of innocuous childhood and indulging in certain liberties thereby trivializing the message imparted. What comes to its rescue is the fact that the presentation (especially in cases where children are involved) needs to evolve along with the generations to make them more relatable. The music, being immensely hummable blends itself in the narration. It goes on to prove that all one needs in dealing with epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata is simplicity and not gauzy sets, intrepid costumes and six packs unlike a la monster called (Ekta Kapoor’s)Mahabarata!


ratna said...

now I want to watch it :)

obssesor said...

u definetely should!