Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The aftermath!

As the mighty Mumbai is brought to it's knees and is busy recuperating,some people seem hell bent on disturbing the already fragile peace of mind of its citizens and others who reside in this country.On one hand you have a chief minister reduced to giving adverts for disaster tourism (with a loser director in tow),on other hand you have his deputy (who I suspect is a somnambulist)who irks one and all with his stupidity! Not to be outdone in this circus, you have Naqvi with his Lipstick remarks landing him into major trouble.But if you do ask, mirror mirror who is the most insensitive of all-pat comes the reply Ath-choo-taa-nandan!The Kerala CM who managed to make any sensible person thinking of joining our army to make a rapid detour.Dog Indeed!
Another amusing Spectacle was made by Jayanthi Natarajan who in a discussion with a clearly agitated Shobha De (who blasted politicians of all parties to her credit) said that Sonia Gandhi "gave" the ultimate sacrifice in the form of her husband and mother in law! We now want her to sacrifice her Rajya Sabha seat (as she clearly cant win one in the lok sabha )in 2009.Also was a refreshing change to see the doll-like Simi Garewal shed her wax sculpting and become passionate about an issue for once.Attack Pakistan,says the lady!Hear,hear!!
Two images which will forever remain etched as the face of this tragedy are that of Major Sandeep's mother lovingly caressing her dead son and that of the iconic Taj erupting in flames! How the mighty have fallen! And to think that such grief and such dumb politicos can co exist!Amen!
Note:thanks for chucking Patil out.Wanted one to quit got another free!

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This is precisely why..you should write on politics!!