Monday, December 15, 2008

Of justice and its cost

Like everyone else, I was appalled at the "event" in which three guys attacked two helpless girl armed with acid and succeeded in blurring their entire lives in one instant. Swift action met with an even swifter reaction and these guys were killed in a police encounter. I, for one welcome the police encounter. We've been subjected to many voices of dissent that say that this is police excess and should not be lauded. I disagree and vehemently so. The act was heinous and dastardly and deserved something more than the usual rounds of courts and adjournments, a reaction like this would in the very least discourage other lovesick people to pause and ponder in case their purported "love" is not accepted. In case the police didn't act, fingers would be raised on their ineffectiveness! these poor guys are caught between the devil and deep sea, criticized on all counts! I agree, this might trigger off unseemly incidents but then unless a precedent is established, you cannot work on its failings.Exaggerated examples like next time there is a robbery the thieves would be shot down in cold blood is merely that-exaggeration and trivialization of what is obviously a very serious issue.The act of throwing acid on people whom you allegedly love reveals a frightening sense of perversion and we are better off without such people. Hope the swift action would stop people from this utter insanity of toying with lives! And hope the police wont get carried away by this one example!!
Am so glad the Government has given out the Bharat Ratna this time and that too to an amazing persona. Wish it was given out more often, we have many of these gems!


ratna said...

The &$*@($*)(#_ deserved it!

obssesor said...

couldnt agree more!