Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I finally managed to watch Rab Ne...a full 10 days after it released! God bless Ba for I had no company till then! The movie...well it certainly didn't live up to the expectations...the girl looked bad, the music was insipid and the end predictable. SRK was actually looking like Vince Mcmahon, For WWE followers- too beefed up (read steroids) and really looked ghastly! The story was non existent, wonder in which dreamland the heroine lives in...Mohabbatein gave better value for money if you ask me. And for the last time its really NOT cool for guys to wear short tees, let us at least leave that one thing to our counterparts!! The director managed to make even the tried and tested retro dance number (with kajol and three others in it) look tasteless!! All in all immensely forgettable!!
Ghajini is releasing tomorrow and with its phenomenal amount of over exposure I wouldn't be surprised if it bombed!!(No screams a Google search,the advance booking is enough to recover its cost!!)Lets wait and watch!!

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ratna said...

Yep true on both accounts