Thursday, December 18, 2008

Things left behind

As we move farther and farther away from who we are we leave behind us remnants of ourselves.Things which were taken for granted just a decade back are rarefied today. Symbols which were not merely symbolic but an expression and extension of who we were, some things whose extinction I rue
1.Ink pens- Nothing feels the same, its ink pens or nothing. Although I still use them (which is rare considering I have no need to write)it is curtains down for the once pervasive must haves. Ink pens, the smell of ink and the paraphernalia associated with it! Miss all of it.
2.Greeting cards- Nothing can even come close to expressing yourself with the help of the good old card. Warm, personal and an expression of intimacy… but greeting cards are no longer in vogue…one look at the terrible stocks in any Archie’s gallery should suffice…what’s taken over?? smses!! sigh!
3.looong summer vacations-by long I mean only 10-14 days, I still miss spending a week in the summer at my granddads. Nowadays people don’t have time to vacation on a weekend. Holidays wee never so hurried…rush in and rush out. As keats said “no time to pause and ponder”…vacations have become so crammed that one wishes not to have any!!
4.Scooters: I miss them, not only because I can drive one but because they were elegant, charming and the ultimate in chic! Right now they are antique but nevertheless for me they are the absolute in old world charm!
5.Others which made it are cameras, black and white photographs and tape recorders.

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ratna said...

and hand written letters,landlines,hardbacks etc our list goes on!