Sunday, January 18, 2009


Was at one of my closest friend’s Birthday party yesterday (Na’s) and had such a ball! Time flew so effortlessly that my mind buzzed with many conflicting thoughts and questions! To answer a time honored question…Should birthdays be celebrated as people grow older??…my answer, a loud and resonant YES, because as we grow older we tend be so much more cynical, much more wary of life and so painfully aware of our surroundings that any excuse to indulge oneself should be an occasion to celebrate. For many who ask- What is there to celebrate (I’ve been there), I’ll say, celebrate the fact that you can love and be loved in return, take refuge in the fact that such things steady the frantic flow of life, and celebrate for the singular reason that sharing happiness doubles its pleasure! Birthdays are the greatest of such occasions-to laugh mindlessly, to celebrate the joy of being with people you like and most importantly to act as a modicum to transport you to a place where everything is as you want it to be not necessarily how it should be. An excuse to drop propriety and to relapse and regale in rowdy company! Cranky conversations, loud laughter, an underlying fondness and respect for the time spent together (which is soooo reduced these days) made sure that the warmth of the memories will linger on reminding us of those gay abandon times where life consisted of endless lunches and insouciant mirth! Birthdays are special simply because they are such fun!!
More on Delhi 6, the music is simply fantabulous, and the surprise is that two songs are better than the magical Masakalli- Bhor Bhayi, a charming classical number by the delightful Ustad Badhe Ghulam Ali Khan and Gendha Phool a rusty song by Rekha Bharadwaj.Do check out the cheeky lyrics, sheer wordplay! Why can’t Feb 20 arrive any sooner?


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I read the blogs in ygolonorch and can't help laughing about Delhi 6