Thursday, January 8, 2009

Discounts and dull movies!

Was at the Books and Beyond sale on Sunday. I was a sight to behold, going bonkers at the multicolored arrayed arrangement of books on display. While I was busy satiating my greed, I was also wondering about the innate quality of a being's lust for more. And nothing triggers it off in a worse manner than the word Discounts!! Be it clothes or books, things which are useful or not, and more importantly stuff one can afford or not the word singularly compels you, lures you with the seductive leer of its gaze and disarms you with its innocuous promise of more for less! It has a life of its own and can ward off any competition or protest. The insatiable quest for more has never been more in vogue! I went absolutely bonkers (obviously) and bought some amazing books. All Indian authors and all originals! Satyajit Ray and Mulk raj Anand..Can anybody ask for anything more? A discerning feature was that the books were not stacked according to the amount of discount being offered, one thing which would have made my life (and that of the staff, who were visibly agitated at my amorous glee) easier. I have one ruse though,(again obviously) Odyssey is having a sale(20%) and I can ill afford another shopping binge.sigh!
Watched Australia the same day, it would've been an amazing movie had the interval been the end. It dragged on and on relentless of the needs of the audience. It was shot really well and had its moments of glory but the length made it insufferable. Had a ball though, we managed to eat throughout that looong movie and munched and mumbled as the movie marched on Wish the length was discounted!


ratna said...

had the interval been the end? LOL!!
But bad movies are made fun with other things ;):);)

obssesor said...