Friday, January 30, 2009

moving on

After a conversation with Ra last week about relationships, I was pondering about the status of my few precious ones. As usual what I don't have matters more than what I off went the train of thoughts about all those relationships which crumbled and could not stand still. Why is it almost IMPOSSIBLE to get over someone with whom you've had a fallout? It makes it all the more difficult if the person is of another sex, whether one has had any romantic inclinations or not...and why don't we EVER learn to value a relationship, work on it and realize it's worth while it is there? No, we have to take the hard way out. Maintaining a relationship is by no means an easy task and when it crumbles it takes with it a large chunk of you. It seeks strength from your pain and appears larger than it actually is. The demise of it, one can get over with the passage of time...but the fact that something unique has been lost always rankles! What we take from such broken shards are the throbbing memories which are flung to surface at every instance and the larger dangerous cycles of regret and remorse which lead to the inevitable question of What if? Is life complicated or do we make it so?

Also I so totally loathe everything when my computer has tantrums! It sulks and refuses to listen to me!! If the system works, the net dosent and if both of them miraculously come together on an amazing day it is attacked by Virus/spy ware. The travails of trying to send a mail!!

Another funny thing happened last week, Ash was given the Padma Shri.. for what? for giggling and being silly or because the samajwadi's supported the congress? Seriously? Ash??


ratna said...

Couldn't have put it better..absolutely what I felt!

ratna said...

but re-reading it, no regrets!

me said...

Ya Kya?