Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trials and Trends

Why, Why is it absolutely impossible to get a diary I like? Moved heaven and hell to find a Nightingale diary, Black, Trendy No.6 but it was impossible and had to compromise and settle for a Black(Thankfully) Eagle one. All I could find were ghastly things which were either too huge, were spiral bound or too shabby looking! Believe me when I say, I searched each and every shop. People had to just put up a hoarding saying "Diaries available" and lo behold I was accosting them, even to the extent of taking mobile numbers (and bugging them incessantly) of people promising me to get the moon (read the diary I wanted!) All in all, did get to know many stores which I would NEVER have known otherwise, and in the process hit on a fabulous store (Deccan Pens) which just stocks pens and refills, a huge store which even deals with the repairs and maintenance of antique pens. It was quite something! and was huge at that! The silver lining was that I got hold of the number of a Nightingale distributor and have written it down in FIVE places plus three reminders so that I wont have to settle for anything less next year. Future planning, I surpass myself!!
Watched the promos/song of Delhi 6 and fell in love with the stunning Sonam kapoor..the song was all zest and the movie looked real promising. My sister already decided that she loved the movie...Sonam kapoor is quite a changeling, from being gawky and gangling in Saawariya, to an uber confident chick with poise.. she sure traveled great distances in a little over an year. To top it off,she even speaks really well! cant wait to catch Delhi 6 twice!!

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