Saturday, January 24, 2009

To forgive or not?

Last week, Kavitha Karkare,the widow of Hemant Karkare spoke about her husband's death and how life has changed for her. In that very interview the brave lady has made one astonishing comment, that she is ready to forgive Kasab, the only terror-ist who was caught alive. With amazing poise she said that unless he is given a choice how would he change? The enormity of the statement really caught me off guard...Can that happen? Could someone charged of a crime so heinous be changed and the larger question...Can we afford to take a chance? kavita karkare's statement is a testimony of gritty demeanor and of looking beyond the obvious. To not only identify the problem but also identifying its roots and cause. How many of us have wasted time smarting from unintentional insults, wasting our energies in trying not to forget the past. I never can forgive or forget but that some one who has gone through so much can say such a thing really humbles me- petty behavior, impetuous anger and a desire to get even have dominated many a situation in my life and I cannot move on...Is forgiveness as important to the giver as to the taker? To move on and make peace with oneself? To let bygones remain bygones...Is it that easy? I don't know...but the storm raised by that statement cannot be ignored!!
on a less serious note:
Joke of the week: Adsense rejecting my blog for advertising because of objectionable content! Damn lolable!
Grouse of the week: That the enigmatic Nandita Das cannot be seen more movies or otherwise...she's smart,speaks well and looks nice a la Smita Patil..but no we have horrors like Barkha Dutt and Arnab Goswami clogging airtime! Sigh!


ratna said...

The weak cannot forgive, forgiveness is an attribute of the strong

obssesor said...

datz wut ud think!