Monday, October 19, 2009

Foreign returns

I was reading an article about Venkatraman Ramakrishnan, nobel prize winner of Indian origin and how he was complaining about a deluge in his mails from India congratulating him on his success and thinking Wow!, such atrocious behaviour and such eduaction can go hand in hand! I have a thing about foreign returned people not that he is one, he "achieved" his green card decades back but such simple things are overlooked by our overzealous media who behaved as if India herself got a Nobel, In Hyderabad there is a saying that every house has one person in US/UK/abroad, indeed that holds true for my entire street and every family(almost)I know, so it really disses me off when people crib about our country. It was like this when you were here,dont complain about Roads, noise, pollution, corruption or's a part of us...if you dont like it jolly well get out!! The day we stop hankering for every/ anything labelled "foreign" would be the true Independence from our obsession with the whites!! In What's your Rashee, the Leo sun-signed avataar of Priyanka Chopra tarly dismisses Harman Baweja's phobia about water not being clean, it was an amazing sense of deva-ju. There's really nothing like our Country, respect it because it has made you what you are! Yes, if you feel strongly about issues stay and try to change it! Idiots like Amartya Sen and V.S Naipaul are NOT Indians just because their names sound Indian, stop hankering about them and respect what is ours!!

What's more scarier than a Rakhi Sawant trying to cuddle a child??
Ans...A Rakhi without make up!! gotcha...

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Zeba said...

OHHH. I wrote about the same thing on my blog and interestingly I happen to mention Rakhi Sawant in my post as well!! Haha.

Where have you been? Long time no see..