Saturday, October 24, 2009

What's in a name?

asked Shakespeare. He was lucky that he is not around now, when our brilliant politicians change names under the guise of "Heritage" and "culture" at the drop of every election season. Now Orissa is Odhisa or something similar. My only question is why? Let us presume that it serves the purpose of saving history, you have better ways, the artisans of Orissa are slowing dying, Chandua a typically Orissan handiwork is slowing fading away due to lack of funds, the famed silver filigree industry is in shambles...all these are real and relevant issues, not naming and renaming! Assuming that the Government incurs a cost of atleast a crore in all of this stupid gimmickry it can easily save a village from starvation! Just to score some petty points these people are just getting away with sacrilege. And I thought Naveen Patnaik was educated and sensible!

Was at this ridiculous press meet for Jail today. The press conference started almost three hours late AND Mughda Godse walked out without as much waving to the Idiots from press(moi included) There are about 18 news channels in Telugu, added to that us poor print media fellas!! Must admit though she looks really gorgeous! Madhur Bhandarkar was a prized loser though and behaved disgracefully, shouting and behaving in a thoroughly disgusting manner. I fervently hope the movie flops! And Neil Nitin Mukesh speaks a looot, goodness never a straight answer!!

It's October and Hyderabad was sweating at 38 degrees this monday!!

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Pesto Sauce said...

Not many like the Godse girl, moreso in her recent film. But being muse of a top film maker helps