Friday, October 9, 2009

Laziness in the air!

I cannot recall the last time I felt so bloody LAZY!! Seriously it's as if there is something other than gravity which is pulling me down. Lazy even to read (that's something real new for me), to go out and meet people or even to get up from my chair to fetch a glass of water. If there was something called the laziness quotient, I'd outscore everyone! All week my constant and only companion was lethargy. I really am quizzed as to whether it does not leave me or I don’t want to let go. But let me confess, it feels amazing! I really think I’m made for this and if I’d ever be a super hero my super power would be plain laziness! No pressure to do anything at all, just sit and fade away into the oblivion and wait for the day to turn to dusk. Immerse myself completely in "How I met your Mother", refuse to budge from my laptop and raise my hands only to drink Mountain Dew or open a new pack of Nutties, it feels so damn comfortable! Only if time would freeze!!

Watched "Wake Up Sid" last week and felt really great. The first half was slow, but the photography was brilliant! Preferred that to an interview with the entire Deccan Chargers team, the Editor thought I was nuts but I didn’t regret it. Loved that part in the Second half where Ranbir meets his friend from College with whom he has fallen out and asks him why he was dumped. The reply- both friends break out into spontaneous hysterical laughter. That’s real friendship for you- no frills or fancies, only plain understanding. It sucks that the one song which I really liked was not there for download! Also, I fell in love with Supriya Phatak's photos!

Sample this from a government report "The water received by three districts in AP is equivalent to that a normal river receives in a span of 10000 years"...No less!!


Pesto Sauce said...

Have hard the Wake Up film is good to watch, will try to catch it soon

Would love to meet the writer of these government reports

Saima said... agree with you on the "laziness" part of your post -- just got here on your blog -- the vagueness in 'your own story', has gotten me curious--I look forward to figuring you out...

Viji said...

The govt report is funny:-). The writer must be nutty!!!

Sidra Ch. said...

I watched a bit of Ghazab, I loved it too! :)

Amen to the laziness quotient, I so feel you!