Sunday, November 16, 2008

All but(t) there!

Watched Dostana today!was kinda fun...a no brainer meant for having fun while watching heavy duty scenes,no pyar and sacrifice... just like instant and forget! Priyanka Chopra was looking absolutely delicious and that's thrice in a row!(Drona,Fashion and now Dostana)John Abraham was given meticulous attention,navel to nose no part was differentiated and in those scenes in which he does manage to wear a shirt it is made sure that at least some cleavage pops out,also his 'ass'ets make a mark with a blink and miss appearance(which leaves poor Shilpa in a cold corner!!) with the guys happy with Pri Cho and gals with Jo Abs(literally!) where does that leave the bachchan boy? nowhere!! and that is true..neither does he receive the attention the other two are lavished upon nor does he have the physique to bare his chest and that has stranded AB with only Ash as the singular viewer who drools over him!(or at least prefers him to the other two) and does he still have that paunch, a leftover from Guru(yea the same one which was released when we were kids!)The first half was entertaining and the second half was plain silly,but something was amiss.nothing which will remind you of the movie once you are was just a loose script bound together with some amusing gags...repeat value? naah wait for yuvraaj next week.although credit must be given for the fact that it did stay loyal to its name....Dostana! Discovery of the movie?? Pri Cho has amazing legs! where did you hide em' all along? or was it just us looking sideways??
Another discovery and this onez actually gonna help people....Barista has absolutely yummy Pizzas..had a cottage cheese pizza today and man!!just like Pri cho in that golden swimsuit...smashing! thanks to my friend Si who suggested that we try one...also the place has a new menu which spells out each coffee succinctly,under pressure for waiters I guess,who are unable to decipher obnoxious pronunciations ( like cappuccino...kap-oo-chee-noh) Wicked!!

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