Thursday, November 27, 2008

Cry thy Country,Cry!!

Another day another attack.How does this latest installment pan out? In true filmi tashan... with the terrorists taking the naval route this time..beat it? I am frankly disgusted by the entire drama which is being played out...12-15 men holding our most cosmopolitan city at ransom? I did not believe it,believe me when my brother told me about the attack in the morning...because it was too fantastic to be true!!sadly,this is true,over 100 dead and 300 injured officially,god knows how high the real figures are!Is this the last vestige broken? what will beat this?? More importantly,will we learn anything from this or allow more attacks to play out in the coming months? Tell can people attack ELEVEN places in one night in a city which never sleeps,and move from one place to another as if they were strolling for pleasure....the Shameless Shivraj Patil did come in for the ubiquitous sound byte!!How brazen and how sad!!Is there no remnant of remorse,let alone responsibility?? I fully believe that he will continue as the(acting)Home Minister of our country and that history will judge him accurately(as the most inefficient/ineffective home minister ever) if not 10 janpath. What picture does this send to the world?A country which cannot safeguard the interests of it's golden goose..Bombay..what will it bother about its less endowed poorer cousins(read cities and states)And will we never learn the good things from America which successfully prevented all terror attacks after 9/11?? 12 hours and the horror continues...God save us.
Cry,my beloved Country Cry for your children continue to bleed.

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Yet again..only to reinforce the previous comment!