Monday, November 3, 2008

Fashionable or not!

Okay, I finally managed to watch Fashion on the first day although in a completely Seedy theater complete with a lousy loo! Was it worth the trouble? I'll say...yes although many (including my sis and close buds)don't think so...why would I recommend it? because it is sheer paisa vasool and entertainment at it's most superficial standards. Because it boasts of the coming of age of Priyanka Chopra as a complete and eye candy! Swooned over her in that scene when she drives the car drunk,loved her vain act in the first half and drooled over her mannequin like pose in the last but one stealer or stopper you got it all(including the next year's fimfare!!) should mention that I'm grateful to Bhandarkar that he didn't mess up the end like he did in that carelessly made Corporate. I do know that it was a tad too long,also since when did Chandigarh become small town??..but am willing to overlook these minor malfunctions!!...also I sincerely hope that we can see more of Kitu Gidwani, she looks smashing to the core! I also very firmly believe that Kangana Ranaut was not acting.
I have to mention that Aaj Tak should be crowned the most shameless of all news channels(It beats some stiff competition there,including it's own sister Headlines Today!) The entire Saturday it ran a petty programme called kamzoor kadi kumble and on Sunday when the bumbling bloke retired, it immediately switched tracks saying kaptan and kammander kumble!!Such appalling standards...and Oh!just broke a fave coffee mug of mine owing to sheer slackness!!Sigh! signing off to clear the mess praying that we stop this mindless coverage of the US election.. sick and tired of it!I know air time needs poor programming but such senseless crap ...move on guys!! cover Uma Bharati and Vasundhara Raje...have you forgotten our very own humble land called India??

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