Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a yarn called yuvraaj

I'm a survivor!! watched Yuvraaj which was even worse than watching it's cocky cricketing namesake play!!the movie was a BIG that should not have been made,and if it was so impertinently important it should've been made at least two decades back...still Katrina manages to look good whenever she plays whatever shes supposed to play!!The most hilarious part of the movie was when Zayed Khan makes faces at the mirror(and us,the amused audience)and pretends to cry,at the same time mocking all of us who opted to watch the movie instead of sitting cozily at home on a Saturday was indeed fun!One path breaking blunder here is calling Anil kapoor autistic.Now any half baked dictionary will tell you that autistic people cannot respond to their surrounding environs,here this person not only responds but overtly exaggerates outdated values!!May be scientists should check out how he manages to be so annoying!Also Salman still cant act and worse he still makes an attempt!aint it too little,too late brother??even the music (which I thought and still think was fabulous,some called the lyrics by Gulzar bizarre!!excuse moi!!) was ripped apart by the critics...Did I mention that the movie also had a slutty vamp who slinks(was that supposed to be sexy??)and speaks shuddh Hindi in two scenes?Karzz would've given me more value for my ticket I guess...but what the heck I at least know how beautiful Austria looks!!
Anyways,does the call by the Prime Minister to end terror in 100 days(whatever that means!!)hint that the general elections will be here in 3 months?? frankly I dont care as I just rediscovered one of my first loves-Milkmaid!!Nothing is as sweet,sinful and seductive!!Off to satiate my drooling buds!Ciao.

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