Thursday, November 20, 2008

Breakfast at Taj??naah!!

Was watching Breakfast at Tiffany's the other day and was completely bowled over by it.The subtle charm,the easy camaraderie and the uninhibited humour ,all was which was so refreshing in its candor.The story is extremely simple,the oldest in the World- boy meets girl err man meets woman and is fascinated by her from the minute he sees her and ultimately succeeds in winning her over.An exquisite love story told in its most rudimentary form and shorn of all pretense, this one is straight from the heart. Audrey Hepburn is absolutely amazing as a commitment- phobic party girl(believe me when I say I cannot describe her effortless act which includes calling her cat as Cat because she does not want to give him a name and become fond of it!!)George Peppard plays her antithesis,baritone and all,who is a struggling writer desperately in love with a woman who is equally endearing and frustrating at the same time.I will choose not to review the movie, out in 61'it is an acclaimed classic, just Google it if you are interested and you are bombarded with results!I would rather delve into the part it so effortlessly doles out-the insatiable thirst for love and belonging which makes me wonder what was the trick these old English Classics mastered which really redefines the art form called love!!Or for that matter any classic,Hindi(Pyaasa or kaaghaz ke Phool)or Telugu(Missamma and Maya Bazaar to name a few).Nothing seems fake or put on,loud or garish and every aspect really masters the nuances of compelling story telling!Just imagine a home made version of the same movie?Uggh!Thankfully the movie has a happy ending which made me sit up and grin stupidly at my computer screen!!How many movies affect you so profoundly?
Casablanca and Breakfast done,the Way we were and Roman Holiday next on the menu...come,join me!!
PS:I know it's not related but cannot restrain myself.Rahul Gandhi is calling himself a kid!(Don't smirk,its apparently rude and as my friend Na put it brusquely , that makes us infants!) No,he's not saying he has kids.He's calling himself one!40 is the new 20?? Whom is he 'kid'ding?Aww there is no wicked smiley here!![:D]

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