Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weddings,weirdos and wonderful lines!

Went to a wedding yesterday(not Marriage as my friend Sa never tires of telling me!) and wondered what was it about weddings that makes one go ga-ga.Is it the joy of meeting people you never otherwise would,the riot of colors which run there,yum food or the heightened anticipation of happiness??Having closely been involved in two weddings(of my siblings,lest you think you-know-what!)I have fallen into love with the whole event management which takes place behind the scenes-the ingenious ways devised to show off subtly(if there is such a thing),the shopping(but of course),hurried activities,loads and loads of do-gooder relatives who end up being more of a hindrance than help and of course the endless opportunities it offers for networking! Did have fun at the Wedding,meeting old classmates and indulged myself by getting swept over in a wave of nostalgia.Cant wait for the next invite to turn up!
Also I have to confess that I am mighty scared of the insolent Indica Cabs which rule the roads of Hyderabad.Absolutely disgraceful driving!!I always make sure that I am never behind,next to or in front of one but given it's frequency (which is more than the number of times you see Rahul Mahajan professing his undying love for Monica Bedi on BB) it is an impossible feat! and such dreadful drivers!effante terrible!!was listening to songs from Yuvraaj, one amazing song goes like this "zindagi zindagi kya kami rehgayi,aankh ki kore main kyon nami rehgayi" which made me so childishly happy!Gulzar rocks and is so much better than the affected Akthar!!go on listen to the song....

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